In line with the sudden increased need for sanitation milk solutions has introduced five new sanitation products to ensure your clients hygiene experience whilst still enjoying a luxurious benefits of hydration and delicious fragrance.


MILK & HONEY SANITISER SPRITZ- a refreshing and revitalizing sanitizer with ginger to effectively protect the skin.

FRUIT SANITISER SPRITZ- A refreshing spritz that effectively protects the skin whilst adding a touch of glamorous skin glow. Available in two variants soya milk & quince and pomegranate & grapefruit.

GARDEN SANITISER SPRITZ- An invigorating sanitizing orange & lime mist to protect the skin.

CHARCOAL SANITISER SPRITZ- An activated charcoal mist to purify and effectively protect the skin with a masculine fragrance ideal for MEN.

MULTI-PURPOSE DISINFECTANT- a spray that can be used on all surfaces to ensure effective levels of hygiene and sanitation. Packed in a 100ml size so ideal inside your car, for your cellular phone and computer.



  • Product pricing excludes delivery charges
  • Please allow 3 to 5 days for delivery
  • All deliveries made will be in accordance with the Government Gazetted regulations

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